Health Systems and Medicare Advantage Plans

BaseHealth proprietary analytics solutions can be applied to identify unknown rising risk, accelerate & optimize the risk-score revenue cycle, and maximize interventional ROI for Health Systems and Medicare Advantage Plans

Risk-Score Revenue Cycle Optimization & Acceleration

Rather than utilizing traditional claims reconciliation methods, we proactively identify members at an individual level, who are at greater risk than their RAF score indicates, giving Medicare Advantage plans the precise risks and diagnosis providers should seek. The results are increased RAF reimbursement and accelerated payments.

Optimizing Interventional ROI for Effective Population Health Management

Our predictive analytic engine can identify exactly what costs and medical conditions can be expected in a given member population before they happen, why they will happen, and indicate which interventions would most effectively prevent or mitigate the risk. Traditional approaches to risk stratification focus on the known risk only, but with BaseHealth, we accurately find the unknown risk in order to intervene with the greatest opportunity for impact.

When Value-Based Health Organizations operate reactively - the cost curve drastically steepens and adverse outcomes increase in their member populations.

BaseHealth is the answer to the growing challenge of predicting risks of emerging diseases in patient populations. By giving strategic insight to Value-Based Health Organizations, valuable resources can be strategically allocated, and clinical & behavioral programs can be effectively measured.

Our Platform

If you're taking on risk in your member populations, you need to have visibility into that risk, control over it, and a strategy to properly manage it

Learn more about how BaseHealth establishes visibility, control, and manages unknown rising risk in the two detailed use case descriptions below:

Interventional ROI Risk-Score Revenue Cycle Optimization & Acceleration

Operate Proactively
Accurately Measure Risk
Manage Liability Exposure

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