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Total Population: Where to Extract Value from Value-Based Health Contracts and Populations

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Next generation health science and predictive analytics are essential for care enterprises accountable for Value-Based Health Management. These include science and technology associated with precision stratification of the top 41 most common, complex chronic diseases and associated risk factors, prior to the expression of disease, in the absence of insurance claims and ICD data.

Through health risk and financial cost analysis of live data sets, along with representative client use cases on clinical and behavioral program and care delivery initiatives, this session will be covering the following:


Demonstrate the accuracy of science and technology, and methodology for augmenting absent risk factors with science-based proxies based on known risk factors and curation of more than 30,000 research studies on 80 million people worldwide

Value-Based Results

Discuss high value for business and clinical leaders accountable for financial and population health management results within Value-Based Healthcare arrangements, including preciseness of risk stratification at both population and individual levels; the incidence trending of population and individual disease and health risk over next 12-36-month period; and the targeting of populations and individuals for clinical, behavioral and care delivery management initiatives

Weighted Value and Predicted Cost

Quantify financial risk and liability exposure, weighted value and predicted cost of disease risk factors, and ROI measurement of prevention and early intervention strategies


Design strategic enterprise and tactical business/clinical applications

Presented by: Jason Pyle MD, PhD Chief
Executive Officer BaseHealth

We take the guesswork out of risk and population health management and put science in the driver’s seat.

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