Population Health is Better Managed Proactively

Until today, Value-Based Health Organizations have been without a scientific standard of predictive analytics.

Being largely limited to retroactive claims and diagnostic codes, Value-Based Health Organizations are more exposed to unforeseen risk and costly liability exposure in the management of health conditions.

Leaving the Guesswork out of Population Health Management

Powered by an engine that is fueled by an ever-expanding knowledge base containing hundreds of millions of evidence-based articles and risk-factor data. Thousands of medical, environmental, behavioral, and genomic risk factors are incorporated.

Completely Changing the Game

BaseHealth equips Value-Based Health Organizations with the tools to operate proactively. Our solution gives a clear understanding of future liability and enables robust targeted interventions, reducing costs and improving population health.

When Value-Based Health Organizations operate reactively - the cost curve drastically steepens and adverse outcomes increase in their member populations.

BaseHealth is the answer to the growing challenge of predicting risks of emerging diseases in patient populations. By giving strategic insight to Value-Based Health Organizations, valuable resources can be strategically allocated, and clinical & behavioral programs can be effectively measured.

Our Platform

Our engine is powered by AI and machine learning, constantly growing in accuracy with each new data point.

We enhance population health management with science.

Our Technology

Operate Proactively.
Effectively Measure Risk.
Manage Liability Exposure.

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