Accurate Probability for

Type 2 Diabetes

Over the last 5 years, we have meticulously scoured more than 150 million pages of peer reviewed scientific publications.

From there, we have curated over 35,000 validated articles and compiled the data for thousands of risk factors - including medical, environmental, behavioral, and genomics.

Powered by Evidence-Based Science

What we now have is a platform that accurately predicts the onset of 41 of the world’s most devastating diseases.

Combined with 27 acute and traumatic medical incident conditions, our predictions give a complete picture of population risk, liability and opportunity management.

Smarter with More Data

Although the BaseHealth engine functions accurately with sparse data sets, thanks to artifical intelligence and machine learning, it is designed to evolve and grow in sophistication over time without any further programming.

Science with an ROI

BaseHealth empowers you to assess risk one member at a time while stratifying risk and liability exposure across entire populations.

Data-Backed Conversations

Armed with the data that our technology provides, health and care management teams can now have far more relevant conversations when they can see a clear evidence-based picture of what lies ahead.

Look at the Road Ahead - Not the Rear View Mirror

We take the guesswork out of population health management and put BaseHealth customers in the driver’s seat with science.

Genomic Possibilities

At BaseHealth, we have built an engine which can comprehensively integrate genomic data with behavioral and medical data to provide the most targeted risk stratification and intervention for populations and individuals.

Operate Proactively.
Effectively Measure Risk.
Manage Liability Exposure.

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