Your Population Health Dashboard

BaseHealth is a data-driven, evidence-based, predictive health platform that optimizes health and disease management for member populations.

Now, the entire membership of a population can be risk stratified, without reliance on inaccurate extrapolation from claims and ICD data.


We support customers as their data complexity grows. Our platform integrates all known risk-factors including medical, environmental, behavioral and genomic data.

Machine Learning Technology

Our analytic engine functions accurately with sparse data sets and increases in precision with added data.

Our Technology

Smarter Analytics

Precise prediction of absolute disease-risk and disease evolution in individuals. Targeted interventions can be strategized, implemented and managed. ROI can be determined before a program is implemented.

Big Picture Planning

Rather than reliance on outdated medical resource management, BaseHealth assesses each individual’s risk while aggregating and stratifying risk across an entire population.

Our Solution

BaseHealth is More Than a Useful Tool

It is a full-blown population health management system. Our platform provides the necessary information to make the most vital decisions and implement them proactively to optimize resources.

What We Solve

Operate Proactively.
Effectively Measure Risk.
Manage Liability Exposure.

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