70% of diseases are preventable.

BaseHealth™ makes an integrated health management platform called Genophen. We leverage the broad appeal of genomics to engage patients with their physicians in a highly-collaborative way.

Integrated Data

Genomic and non-genomic data are most useful in concert. For the first time, patients can responsibly explore their genomic data alongside clinical and behavioral analysis, in ongoing consultation with their doctor.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our evidence-based assessments help physicians intervene early and often with tailored action plans that span each patient’s unique activity, diet, environmental and lifestyle needs. Peer-reviewed citations accompany each output.

Personalize Your Practice

Personalized medicine starts with a comprehensive understanding of the individual, around whom today’s most successful physicians orient care. Independent physicians and physician groups rely on BaseHealth to differentiate their growing practice by putting genomics front and center.

Meet Genophen™

our flagship product

By integrating your genomic, lifestyle, and clinical data, Genophen is the first platform to offer a truly comprehensive view of your wellbeing.

It’s all done in collaboration with your physician, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your health is in the hands of a professional.