70% of diseases are preventable.

BaseHealth Enterprise™ adds genomic precision to modern health and wellbeing platforms.
We power evidence-based assessments and detailed action plans spanning each individual’s unique activity, diet, environmental and lifestyle needs.


Put the buzzword to work for you. Unlock genetic insights. Identify global risk factors. Move the needle with comprehensive health and wellbeing assessments alongside highly-adherent action plans that flat-out work.


Catalyze product innovation. Create new fee and service-based revenue streams. Track achievement against stated goals, and independently score engagement. Build a long-term relationship with your patients and encourage them to take control of their well being.


Use genomics to differentiate in a crowded and competitive market. Connect to multiple devices and clinical data sources simultaneously. Identify individual and population-wide trends. Assess drug and nutrition efficacy in real-time. Leverage the best care-group analytics on the market today.

Meet Genophen™

Our Reference Platform

By integrating your genomic, lifestyle, and clinical data, Genophen is the first platform to offer a truly comprehensive view of your wellbeing.

It’s all done in collaboration with your physician, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your health is in the hands of a professional.